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OnBuzz emerged in 2010 in response to a global need for entertainment that inspires and urges positive social change. OnBuzz cultivates films that possess a unique ability to shift culture; relationships forge between audiences who yearn for better content and forward thinking corporations seeking to increase their social responsibilities and global citizenship.

Our innovative, sustainable business model ensures large audiences for our films and provides lucrative investment returns. Our model simultaneously creates a movement around each film, utilizing a strategic plan that fosters social impact for the specific social issues addressed in the stories.

The power of film has never been greater – with more than one billion movie tickets sold in the U.S. in 2017 alone. OnBuzz is tapping into this power to reach diverse audiences across the globe; our films educate, inspire, and motivate individuals and communities to make a positive social impact on our world.


We utilize film, the world’s most powerful cultural medium, to shine a light on stories that possess the ability to stimulate positive global change.


Well-told stories have the power to create empathy. This empathy promotes prosocial behavior and fuels connections; it is within these connections that positive change occurs.


Our uniquely sustainable Social Impact Accelerator builds audience, guarantees revenue, and creates unprecedented results.

What We Do

We nurture social impact films from concept to release and marry them with their pre-destined audience turning these audiences into motivated change makers.

OnBuzz is an end-to-end film financing, production, distribution and marketing firm focused on sustainable filmmaking that makes the world a better place.

Our films touch the soul, break new ground, educate and motivate.

Current Projects




Directed by A.J. Edwards
Starring: Tye Sheridan, Imogen Poots, Caleb Landry Jones & Jeffrey Wright

Synopsis: Fresh out of foster care at age 18, a young drifter turns to petty crime to survive, and discovers an impossible love in an unlikely friend.

“The best of the bunch (SXSW) is A.J. Edwards’ striking “Friday’s Child,” starring Tye Sheridan, Imogen Poots, Caleb Landry Jones, and Jeffrey Wright.”

Social Impact: Friday’s Child spotlights the tragic moment when over 25,000 children age out of the foster care system each year to face the rest of their lives completely alone.


Directed by John Grooters
Starring: Emil Mandanac, Raluca Botez, Eduard Adam

Synopsis: Pastor Richard Wurmbrand is an evangelical minister who endured fourteen years of Communist imprisonment and torture in his homeland of Romania. After years of imprisonment and solitary confinement, enduring inhumane torture, Wurmbrand emerges with a powerful testimony of courageous faith.

“What an incredible experience watching Tortured for Christ tonight. … ended with over 100 people singing “In Christ Alone” in a public movie theater. Amazing. #inchristalone” –@Cooper_Smith9

Social Impact: For the week of March 5th, 2018, Tortured for Christ was the most successful independent film in the country with 477 events in theaters and churches and 62,664 tickets sold on a single Monday night with $783,300 in Box Office revenue.